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About My Electrical Safety

Here at Electrical Safety  nothing matters more than the quality of our service and that is reflected in the performance of our electricians.  We receive a considerable number of applications every month from electricians wanting to be a part of our strong, professional team. Our policy, first and foremost, is to employ only the best electricians.

Our Customer are key

As ambassadors for Electrical Safety they must all be courteous, well presented, and have excellent communication skills. We start by carrying out thorough checks on all candidates. Each applicant is then placed out in the field with one of our engineers, who will then assess their work with regard to technical compliance, the neatness and finish of the work, use of correct methods of inspection and testing following installation. In addition to this, each applicant is also assessed for his or her level of customer service and care. Only on successful review is each applicant then ‘cleared for start’.

Here at Electrical Safety, all of our electricians are subject to on-going training and assessment this ensures that our electricians are kept fully updated on the current Wiring Regulations and any relevant changes within the industry, that their test and inspection procedures are maintained at the highest level, and that their customer service skills continue to meet the standards set by Electrical Safety. This training not only ensures that our customers continue to receive the highest levels of service, but the electricians benefit from our investment in them and are helped in achieving their full potential.

Our Company standards, recruitment process and on-going training of our electricians all ensure that our customers receive the following:

  • The best electricians meeting the highest industry standards.
  • The highest technical standards and level of finish
  • Genuine care for your property
  • An efficient, caring service from a team that understands that the customer comes first
  • A dedicated after-sales service that leaves our customers with lasting peace of mind

What others say about us

Thank you to you and your team for all the help you have given me, I have been impressed by everyone kindness, assistances and professional manner.

My experience with your Company was pleasantly surprising. I had expected quite a lot of mess and a certain amount of clearing up afterward but nothing of the sort occurred. Not only is Mr Bradfield an expert electrician, he left the place spotless. Everything works perfectly and I could not be more pleased with the result. Mr Sinclair was also very professional and gave concise answers to quite intricate questions.

Job done to my standards, which are very high. Many thanks.

Very Good. A good example for this firm.

Two pleasant workers. Work carried out satisfactorily.

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