Cut Your Energy Costs – LED Lighting / Voltage Optimisation survey

By installing LED Lighting or even Voltage Optimisation is the smart new way to cut your energy costs immediately without changing your supplier or your lifestyle.

An investment in the latest super-efficient  led bulbs could save you hundreds of pounds a year and pay for itself within months.

These bulbs, which are made up of LEDs (light-emitting diodes), are about 10 times more efficient at converting electricity into light than the old-fashioned filament variety. This explains the difference in the wattage needed.

LED Lighting schemes & Voltage Optimisation schemes have been carried out at major commercial sites for some years in order to save energy and save money. Unfortunately it has not been possible until now to make the technology cost effective for small business premises and residential use.

The UK electricity distribution network operates at a nominal 230V, although in practice average voltages are more likely to range between 240V and 245V. The unit manages voltage to a stable level, normally 220V in the UK, regardless of the incoming supply voltage.

There are also many reasons for you to make the change to LED, some of which can be seen below:

  • LED lighting can reduce your lighting bill by up to 90%. Lighting usually accounts for up to 40% of your electricity bill
  • LED lighting drastically reduces the carbon footprint of your home or business, and emits up to 70% less UV light than halogen bulbs
  • Compared with a regular halogen bulb, LEDs can last up to 25 times as long – that’s a lifespan of up to 50,000 hours. Switch to LED, leave them on constantly and you should find they’re still working, 6 years later! (Halogen will tend to burn out after roughly 83 days of constant use.)
  • LED bulbs have been designed with you in mind. They require minimum maintenance, offer reduced heat lose and in turn can help reduce your air conditioning bills dramatically, in addition, LED bulbs are ahead of current legislation set out in the most current ” Building Regulations Part L “

Average price of electricity = £0.15 KW/hour
1 halogen bulb 50W x 8 hours/day x 264 working days = £15.84/year
1 LED lamp 5W x 8 hours/day x 264 working days = £1.58/year

20 halogen bulbs = £316.8 per year
20 LED lamps = £31.68 per year

Changing 20 halogen bulbs for LED will save you £285 each year

We can conduct a free survey to show you the savings!

Unlike Smart Meters, which require a change in lifestyle, or solar and wind power that are focused on renewable energy production as opposed to preventing energy waste, Voltage Optimisation is a fit and forget solution that once installed will operate silently and unobtrusively with a life span of 25+ years lowering and stabilising household voltage, saving money, reducing CO2 emissions and preventing energy waste.

Electrical Safety can install  Voltage Optimisation units from as little as £399.00 plus vat

The unit comes with warranty from the manufacturer offering a risk free investment.

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